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The Holy Land

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God’s Holy Bible is Truth


Having just visited the Holy Land, I was once again convinced of the accuracy of the word of God.  Walking the land where prophecies were given and fulfilled always strengthens my heart.


As one reads the Old and New Testament, it is evident that the author is God. He has divinely inspired every word.  Believing that God is capable of producing such a book is not difficult to accept. After all, any rational, observant person, who cares to look at the evidence, can quickly conclude that God is all powerful and can and does do as He pleases. So, inspiring men to write a divine document to which God guarantees its accuracy is not that difficult compared to creating the universe, or knowing the number of hairs on the top of every head in the world.  You see, to accept the fact that God wrote the Bible “as holy men were moved by the Spirit of God” (2 Tim. 3:16) is in keeping with the character and nature of God. If you have trouble accepting this fact, maybe you should first reevaluate your opinion of God and not your opinion of the Bible.


God’s Holy Bible is Truth That We Live


The Bible is not only factual and accurate, but it is powerful to those who receive it.  Since God is the author of every word of the Bible it is easy to see how we are blessed when we read it and live it.  God gives us his truth for our advantage and his pleasure.  God’s Word brings strength to the weak, peace to the anxious, faith to the doubter and courage to the discouraged.  God’s word gives us all the instructions and directions we need to live a joyous life in a dark world.  God is pleased when we walk in the truth. Our fellowship with God is strengthened when we walk in the light. Living the truth of the Bible is God’s will for your life.


God’s Holy Bible is Truth That We Live and Share


One obvious conclusion of visiting the Holy Land is that those who accepted the message of the Bible, shared that message with consistency and sacrifice.  This is why we are followers of Jesus today.  The commitment to share this wonderful message of the Bible is compelling and is in step with the Spirit of God.  When we experience the Bible and its power, we have the power and privilege to share God’s word daily.  Know the truth of God’s word, live the truth of God’s word, and share the truth of God’s word today.


Pastor Mack