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Learn to be Buzz

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I have this friend, and for the sake of privacy, let’s call him “Buzz Light Year.” Now Buzz Light Year (BLY) was a cool guy at our Church and always had a smile on his face. For a couple of years I watched BLY and couldn’t recall a time where I didn’t see joy on his face. Finally, I succumbed to curiosity and invited BLY to lunch. Needless to say, our time together was fantastic! BLY was truly full of the Fruits of the Spirit, he was encouraging, loving, joyful and totally interested in how I was doing. I can remember our first meeting like it was yesterday, BLY not only asked me how I was doing but took the time to truly listen to what I was saying. Then, BLY responded with a genuine love that encouraged me through God’s word. Whatever I was feeling before our lunch I walked away celebrating my encounter with a man of God who spent more time joyfully revealing the Father to me than anything else. Later, that day I shared with Pastor Mack why I was in such a great mood … It was because I encountered a guy named BLY who spent his time celebrating the things of God rather than living in the mire of negativity.

There is something contagious about a contagious person. When you're around them you experience what they have. Contagious rubs off on one another. When it comes to being contagious we are all contagious. The question is what are people catching from us. With BLY I caught the joy of the Lord, I celebrated the awesome works of God rather than my own accomplishments. My Godly encounter was caught and I wanted more. I wanted to be around BLY every chance I got … I preferred celebrating the things God is doing rather than focusing on the negativity of life.

Psalm 18:28-32
Lord, you light my lamp; my God illuminates my darkness. With you I can attack a barricade, and with my God I can leap over a wall.
God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is pure. He is a shield to all who take refuge in him.
For who is God besides the Lord? And who is a rock? Only our God.
God—he clothes me with strength and makes my way perfect.

No one is perfect; only God holds the title of Perfection. At any time any one of us could choose to poke holes or find fault in others. It’s especially easy to find fault in others or the Church when our hearts are not in the right spots because none of us are perfect. Give me 5 seconds and I can point out problems with anything.

I have another friend, let’s call him Eeyore. Now Eeyore is a professional “Kill Joy.” We could have a Sunday where we baptize 25 people and are Celebrating what God is doing  and then like the popping of a bubble Eeyore speaks … Eeyore says something like, “You know, if we had been doing our jobs better we could have baptized 50 more … and further more, why did we decide to serve pulled pork, it’s so unhealthy … What we should have trained the Church on is ‘building maintenance’”… The problem with Eeyore is too deep to cover today but I can say for certain, I don’t feel really refreshed after a conversation with him. I leave feeling like we’ve done something wrong.

The point is this, when we stop celebrating what God is doing we fall into the trap of thinking we are in charge. We look to our accomplishments rather than God’s. We forget that the only One worth Celebrating is God. When we focus on what God is doing, it is ALWAYS a celebration. When it comes to our own accomplishment … unfortunately, Eeyore is right, there is always something wrong with what we are doing because we aren’t perfect, only God is. Eeyore, like everybody else, is contagious, and he will always rob our joy. Unfortunately Eeyore will spend the majority of his/her life wondering why people distance themselves, they become even more pessimistic in life and infect those around them.

We need to learn to be Buzz Light Years and be around them more. Let the Fruits of the Spirit rub off on us so we can pass it on the others.

Let's take the remainder of today and focus on God and how POWER-Full He truly is.

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