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Evidencing the Fruit of the Spirit

How has your week gone in evidencing the fruit of the Spirit? Good, bad, so-so?

We are not perfect and you won't find a perfect person. When we use this terminology we are setting a Christlike standard for the disciple to reflect Jesus above all else. We want the Holy Spirit to change our lives so we produce the fruit of the Spirit. So as we are in situations with those around us at work, school, home or church, we need to be the type of person who is pursuing after God and His heart.

It needs to be clearly evident what type of fruit is being produced. When we have a desire to grow in our walk with the Lord we begin to add Christlike disciplines in our lives such as Bible memorization, so as a disciple we should strive for the fruit listed in Gal 5:22-23. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control. Have we mastered this? Of course not. But we strive for it out of our desire to please the Father and be more like Jesus.

"Fruit is always visible. When a tree produces fruit it is tangible, you can see it and touch it. The fruit of the Spirit is visible characteristics of Jesus being produced in a believer's life." Ken Adams

Spiritual fruit is a reflection of the character of Christ in our lives.
Fruit always benefits others. A tree bears fruit so that people can enjoy it. The fruit produced by God's Spirit in our lives makes the relationships in our lives better. This is where much of the tangible comes in, when scripture says they will know you by your fruit.

I like to remember when I'm leaky, I don't need more of the Spirit, the Spirit needs more of me. I haven't let go of the junk in my life to allow Him full reign. It's an ongoing process that the more we surrender, the closer our relationship with Him becomes. Adding the discipline of memorizing scripture is vital to spiritual growth. It helps enable us to "wear" the Fruit and bear fruit. Join me this week in memorizing John 1:14