Our Team

Executive Team

Mack Roller

Senior Pastoroffice: 325.942.6601

Scott Cotton

Executive Pastor of Worship and Administrationoffice: 325.942.6601

Pam Detwiler

Business Administratoroffice: 325.942.6601


Jeana Wollman

Executive Pastoral Adminoffice: 325.942.6601

Tammy Pape

Pastoral Assistantoffice: 325.942.6601

Luke Roller

Pastor of Discipleship Ministries


Ashley McGuffin

Children's Discipleship Directoroffice: 325.942.6601

Lloy Dele Englert

Children's Activities Coordinatoroffice: 325.942.6601

JOY School

Liz Waddell

Joy School Directoroffice: 325.947.1638

Jaci Bellemare

Joy School Assistant Directoroffice: 325.947.1638

Nicole Klinesmith

Kids-Day-Out Supervisor


Elijah "Eli" Cobillas

Associate Pastor of Youth Discipleship

Joe "J.T." Grizzle

Youth Activities Coordinator

Student Volunteer

Adult Ministries

Chris Heronema

Associate Pastor of Adult Discipleshipoffice: 325.942.6601

Sommer Roller

Women's Discipleship Coordinator


Levi Kasner

Software Systems Coordinator

Ben Jordan

Pastoral Intern


Jamey Halfast

Production Directoroffice: 325.942.6601


Mark Kreamer

Custodial Manager

Les Shull

Property Manager

Support Staff

Veronica Valdez

Financial Assistantoffice: 325.942.6601

Joy Box

Financial Assistant