Sunday School

Glen Meadows offers Sunday School for every age and walk of life.


Sunday School serves the purpose of connecting adults in authentic relationships with Christ, His Word, and other adults. In addition, Sunday School helps adults mature in their relationship with Christ, no matter where they are in the discipleship process. To achieve these purposes, our classes are designed with the following characteristics:

  • Bible Study, life application, and fellowship
  • Mobilize believers to positively impact the church body and their circle of influence through outreach, service, and ministry
  • Monthly Parent's Night Out
  • Sunday School Community Parties

Current Classes:

Classes are scheduled during both Sunday morning service hours (9:00am and 10:30am).

The Mix

Mike Martin

9:00 AM (E101)

In-Depth Study of



Craig Sterling
9:00 AM (E205)

In-Depth Study of

The Minor Prophets

Sequoia Sisters

Karen Scribner
9:00 AM (E-104)


The Commissioned

Andy Robinson
9:00 AM (E-106)


Couples In Christ

Larry Douglas
9:00 AM (E-103)


Paul Tripp


Roger Ford
Roger's blog:
10:30 AM (E-202)

In-Depth Study of

1 & 2 Samuel


Ron Nason
10:30 AM (E-101)



Shirley Morton
10:30 AM (E-102)

Open Door

Bill Brown
10:30 AM (E-201)


James Albright
10:30 AM (E-103)


Donna Ferguson
10:30 AM (E-104)


Wayne Doyle
10:30 AM (E-106)

Preparing Israel for the Messiah/Minor Prophets