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Current Series

Life in Action Devotions

This is a series of podcasts from the devotion book, "Life in Action." The devotions are taken from Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, based on the date. Glen Meadows Discipleship Pastor, Jim Booth, dives deep with various GM Pastors & Staff. 

21 Days of Prayer

If you know anything about Glen Meadows you know that we are passionate about doing LIFE Together. One outworking of LIFE Together is Prayer Together. During the 21 Days of Prayer initiative Pastor Mack walks us through daily prayer prompts, leading us into a season of united, focused Prayer Together as a local body.


Most people in America know about the 10 Commandments. We can list them (or most of them) relatively easily. But, living under the New Covenant, what role do they play in the life of a Christian today? Senior Pastor, Mack Roller, explores just this in this 10 week series. Taking look at each of the Commandments individually, we'll see how we are to interpret and respond to these famous Words from God in our current context. 


The name Daniel means God is my judge. The book of Daniel is an amazing supernatural book full of narratives and prophecies. This 12 week series will help you to grow in courage and faith to stand up and be counted for God, no matter the cost.