Glen Meadows Baptist Church started a small Kids Day Out program in 2001 called JOY School that was open just a few days a week with a handful of families. Since then, JOY School has grown into one of the most reputable preschools in Tom Green County, serving about 200 students per school year ranging from infant to Kindergarten.

In 2016, JOY School grew so large that the Kindergarten classes were moved to their own wing of the building and that area was secured as a school.

In 2017, under the direction of senior pastor Mack Roller, the JOY School Steering Committee, and as led by the Holy Spirit, Glen Meadows added first grade to the elementary school wing and Grace Academy was born.

It is the intention of the church to continue to add grades to Glean Meadows Grace Academy each school year. The pastor and the committee will prayerfully follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in growing JOY School and Grace Academy in the years to come.

We would love to show you around our school! Please feel free to stop by for a tour during school hours or call us at 325-947- 1638.