Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags

Every Sunday from 07/17/2022 to 07/31/2022

Each quarter, Glen Meadows has an opportunity to partner with a local ministry in filling Blessing Boxes in our community for those who are in need of food and toiletries. You can pick up your bag at the Connections Counter, or in the church office, and take it home to fill with food & toiletries. Then just bring the bag back to the church and a team will make sure they get distributed through the local Blessing Boxes ministry. Each bag you fill goes toward filling Blessing Boxes, and they are not for individual families, so you can put multiple items that are the same if you would like into your bag. 

If you aren't able to get to GMBC to pick up your bag, no problem. You can still fill a plastic or paper bag at your home and bring it by the church office on or before the 5th Sunday of the month quarterly. See suggested items list below.


If you have any questions please email

Suggested Non-Perishable Food Items:

  • canned meats
  • fruits
  • veggies
  • beans
  • soups
  • dinners
  • trail mix
  • granola bars
  • crackers
  • chips
  • instant noodles with pop lids
  • small bottles of water
  • dry beans/rice/lentils
  • macaroni
  • spaghetti sauce
  • peanut butter
  • jelly (no glass jars)
  • instant oatmeal
  • beef jerky
  • dried fruit/nuts
  • ...and similar non-perishable items

Small hygiene/toiletries items

  • shampoo/conditioner
  • soap
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • lotion
  • tissues
  • lip balm
  • brush/comb
  • socks
  • underwear
  • feminine products
  • sunscreen
  • first aid items
  • ... and similar items


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