GM Youth - Life Groups

GM Youth - Life Groups

Every Sunday from 08/30/2020 to 05/09/2021


GM Youth Life Groups are on Sundays and are based on grade. Find your Life Group and register below now to get connected.

Middle School Life Groups
at Glen Meadows
Sundays @ 8:30 am
6th grade
Leader: Chris & Sarah McKinnon
Co-Leader: Kimber Holmes
Rm 204
7th/8th grade boys
Leader: Wes Jordan
Co-Leader: Matthew Holmes
Rm 205
7th/8th grade girls
Leader: Stacey Jordan
Co-Leader: Jaelynn Page
Rm 206
High School Life Groups
in Homes
5:30 & 6pm
9th grade girls
Leader/Host: Kimber Holmes, @ 5:30 pm
9th grade boys
Leader: Chris McKinnon
Host: Carl & Becky Bookter, @ 5:30 pm
10th grade boys & girls
Leader: Mike Waddell
Host: Clay & Kim Allison, @ 5:30 pm
11th/12th grade boys & girls
Leader: Luke Roller
Host: GMBC Lakehouse, @ 6 pm


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