Love. Invest. Fellowship. Engage.


Glen Meadows Baptist church is constantly ENGAGING with our community. We are a church that is committed to INVESTING in others to make disciples and meet the needs of our community. we would LOVE for you to volunteer to serve in one or more of these areas listed below. 


This ministry allows our members who are in nursing homes and cannot attend our church still be part of Glen Meadows Baptist Church. They mail out or drop off sermon cds to these members as well as send them newsletters updating them  what is going on with Glen Meadows Baptist Church. They also have a group of people that visits them every week just to talk, pray and/or take care of any needs they may have.
The ministry meets every 3rd Thursday of the month in Room E-104
Daily Bread Soup Program is designed to provide nourishing hot meals at noon Monday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Children, women, and men, who would not otherwise have a sustaining meal on a daily basis, are welcome to partake of this meal. The meals consist of a nourishing homemade soup or stew, and / or a main dish served with meat and vegetable, bread, dessert, drinks, and often other side dishes.
Our Church serves every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 301 West 18th Street San Angelo, TX 76903
Each year, Glen Meadows Baptist Church helps the local Kids Eat Free program. This is an opportunity to physically and spiritually feed the low-income children and families in San Angelo during the summer months where they may not otherwise get a meal for the day. This is a great way for your LIFE Group to serve during the summer.
Rancho 3M has been caring for and discipling at-risk and orphaned children from the city of Juarez and the surrounding communities along the border of Mexico (across from El Paso, TX). We are a Gospel-centered ministry, dedicated to discipling children in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Located on 18 acres in the desert valley of Guadalupe, the Ranch is like an oasis of hope for the hundreds of Mexican children who have called Rancho 3M their home – and of those – many who now call Jesus their Savior.
Through out the year the orphanage is in need of various projects. If your LIFE Group is interested in taking a group there for the weekend contact .