GM LIFE: The App!

    10.20.19 | by Luke Roller

    As you likely know, our goal here at Glen Meadows is to Make Disciples who Make Disciples. A large part of that process is making sure we communicate well the ways that you can be connected to our Disciple Making Processes and Events. To this end, we have developed a new app, called GM LIFE. 

    Through this app you will be able to see all of the upcoming events, register for those events, find a LIFE Group or Sunday School class, listens to Sermons, give easily and manage your recurring giving. We are extremely excited about the opportunities provided by this app. Mainly, it will be a quick and easy way for you to be Connected with the happenings of the church body. 

    Below are some instructions for downloading and logging onto the app. Please read through them carefully, but feel free to let us know if you hit any snags or have any questions! 

    App Instructions

    • Install the app
      1. Open your phone’s App Store (Google Play or Apple App Store)
      2. Search for “Glen Meadows” and select the app with the light blue icon with our current logo. 
      3. Follow steps to download and install the app.
    • Sign In or Create an Account
      1. Click on the outline of the person in the middle of the screen
      2. If you have previously created an account by setting up online giving or registering for an event, select “Sign In” (the first option) and use the username and password you have previously set, and proceed to the next Bulleted Item.
      3. If you have not created an account, select “Create Account” (the second option) and enter in the requested information. Once done, a screen will appear stating your account has been created and your username will be visible.
      4. You will need to set your password by opening the email sent to the email address you entered and follow the instructions found there.
      5. Once you have successfully set your password, you will re-open the app and use that new password and the username previously provided to log in.
    • Now that you are signed in, look around! Listen to some sermons, check out upcoming events! Register for an upcoming activity! Any action you take from within the app (registration, giving, etc.) will pull information from your account and automatically be associated to your account. 

    Again, we are beyond excited to be able to provide this to you. More instruction and helpful hints, including videos, are forthcoming, but please feel free to reach out in the meantime ( ) with any questions!